Dr. David Perlmutter Changed My Life!

My DetoxLady friends,

I fought with headaches and migraines for nearly 40 years. The trips to the doctors, the trips to the emergency rooms.  This drove me crazy at times.  The pain, the suffering.  The wanting to stay inside, the depression.  It was not fun.

Researching this issue online, I came across Dr. Perlmutter’s book, Grain Brain. He explained that humans have been eating grains for thousands of years and that represents about 0.01 percent of the time that we’ve been on the planet.  So, in reality, it’s only been very very recently grains came into our diets.

It turns out that grains like wheat contain a protein called gluten.  That is what science is all about!  I learned that it really focuses on the fact that gluten is toxic to the human body.  Who knew?  Evidently, a few have known for a while!

In my diet, that bagel or toast in my breakfast foods wasn’t needed.  In fact, it’s not needed in your diet.  Gluten in the diet turns on inflammation which is the cornerstone of such dreaded things as Alzheimer’s disease!  Oh no, my Pizza! 

All this time we were told to cut down on fat yet the Doctor’s book says the exact opposite.  He said, that we should be eating more fat again.  Fat was a part of the diet that we’ve eaten for millions of years.  We’ve always eaten fat!  

Until about 1992 fat used to be a very integral part of the human diet.  All of the research now clearly focuses on the important role of dietary fat in human health.  

Now, that doesn’t mean all dietary fat.  There are certainly some bad fats out there such as the modified hydrogenated trans fats that we’ve all learned about but, taking the good fats out of your diet paved the way to having brain problems.

We need good fats in our diet, my Detox Family!  Extra virgin olive oil, avocados, nuts, seeds, fish, and wild fish.  Those are really good examples of good fats.

The brain is 70% fat.  No, I’m not trying to insult you here.  The truth of the matter is your brain is mostly fat and nothing could be worse for human health than cutting back on good dietary fats!

The problem is when you cut back on fat, or when the food manufacturers cut back on fat, they add in carbohydrates.  Those carbohydrates are directly toxic to your brain and pave the way for our most dreaded brain disorders like chronic headaches, migraine, and Alzheimer’s!

Having learned all this my husband and I detoxed from grains for a whole month.  And guess what?  No headaches. No brain fog.  My skin cleared up.  The exact same with my husband!

The scary part was thinking, “I wonder what was going on inside my body I couldn’t see?”

Thankfully, I learned that the brain has what we call “plasticity”  No, not that it’s made out of plastic.  This means it means it can reshape itself and can regain function, so you can absolutely gain a second chance at regaining your life back.  I like that!

This book became a number one national bestseller and is changing lives.  So now, eating the right fats can be looked at as a preventive medicine now.  My husband says, “fats, is where it’s at!”  I agree.

Adding fats and dropping carbs is something I specialized in and I can guide you all the way to a clearer brain, a pain-free brain.  Put me to work!

P.S. I found a restaurant that sells Gluten Free pizza.  Yes, life is good!

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