The Number 1 Carb That Doesn’t Spike Your Insulin

Hello, Detox Family!  Let’s talk about the only carbohydrate that will not influence insulin!

As you may know, insulin is the hormone that makes you fat.  It’s the hormone that prevents you from burning fat and it’s fat-storing, as well.  Yuck!

So, in the presence of  even a little bit of insulin, it’s going  to be very difficult to lose weight and get into ketosis so the only carb that has absolutely no influence over insulin is fiber

Now, the problem with fiber is it usually comes with other carbs that do influence insulin.  Take a look down the bread and cereal aisle at the grocery store, and look at the breads, pastas, cereals, crackers, biscuits, and waffles… are you understanding?

The crazy thing is that many doctors and other health professionals are recommending those foods because they have fiber.  But, what about the other carbs that are not fiber?  Well, they conveniently forget about all those sugars and carbs!  Amazing!

You need to stay away from those carb aisles.  Now, just as a side note, pure fat will also not increase insulin.  But, wait!  Don’t get the idea that maybe some Metamucil on a spoon, with some pure fat poured on it, right?

No!  The type of fiber that you need is in the non-starchy leafy greens.  It’s in the vegetables and this is why you don’t have to count non-starchy vegetables when you’re on a carb/sugar detox or a ketogenic diet as a part of your grams of carbohydrates.

Normally, you want to keep your carbs below 30 maybe 40 grams maybe even 20 grams.  That’s about where I keep my carb count.   I don’t recommend counting the non-starchy vegetables like the salads.

Moreover, unless you have some intestinal damage or inflammatory condition that causes bloating when you eat a lot of vegetables, I always recommend you add a good amount of vegetables as part of a healthy ketogenic plan. 

I’m talking around 6 to 7 cups or about a nice-sized salad.

Make your salad as colorful as possible.  Meaning a large variety of vegetables, and the darker the vegetable, the better.  

These vegetables give you, besides fiber, minerals. Important minerals such as potassium and magnesium prevent cramps and are loaded with antioxidants.

When you start the carb/sugar or ketogenic diet, these salads and high-fiber meals prevent keto fatigue during the change of your meal plan.

These vegetables also have trace minerals and phytonutrients that are anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory, and they will help you prevent a lot of different issues.

As the fiber in your food enters your microbiome they bind with your friendly bacteria and that’s what they eat and turn that fiber into a type of fat.

This type of fat is called a small-chain fatty acid.  For example, beta-hydroxybutyrate.  This is a ketone.

This family of ketones microbes eat the fiber, and they make compounds that help  lessen insulin resistance.  An important process that helps you lose weight because they also help lower blood glucose.

Now, your body won’t have to make as much insulin, and that’s going to help your detox and weight loss, and begin your journey to regaining your sanity, and your happiness!

I hope this article was valuable to you.  Be sure to comment and give me your ideas, and look me up on our Facebook Group!   See ya!


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