You Won’t Lose Weight Until You Understand This One Hormone!

Being overweight is energy-draining, you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, and you lose yourself trying to eat less and move more. 

I wasted so much time until I learned about Cortisol. Understanding the need to lower cortisol is vital to losing weight!

It is now known that stress can prevent you from losing weight, especially around the waist. Stress can cause your body to secrete high levels of the hormone cortisol into your bloodstream, due to your body’s “fight or flight” response to stress. 

Stress can be psychological (mental and emotional) or physical. The mind does not know the difference.

Cortisol is secreted by the adrenal glands and is important for blood pressure regulation, the immune system, and many other functions. Cortisol can be good in small amounts, but high levels can lead to increased belly fat, which can lead to heart attacks, strokes, and can also increase bad cholesterol levels and lower good cholesterol levels.

High cortisol levels can also decrease bone density, leading to osteoporosis and loss of muscle tissue.  This also decreases metabolic rate and can also increase blood pressure along with other problems.

Each of you will react differently to stress; some of you will produce more cortisol under a particular stress, while others will produce less. It has been found that those who produce more cortisol will also eat more food, particularly carbohydrates. (Bread, cookies, biscuits, refined flour).

What you need to do to combat excess cortisol production is learning ways to relax and perhaps change your lifestyle as well.

Relaxation can be achieved in several ways, whether through exercise, meditation, yoga, or breathing, for starters.

Perhaps one of the easiest and simplest ways is to breathe. This is done by gently inhaling through the nose, gently expanding the abdomen, and then gently exhaling through the nose, pulling the abdomen in simultaneously.

As you exhale the air, you need to focus on that breath. After several inhalations and exhalations, you should start to feel relaxed. You should practice this exercise a few minutes a day to start building up to five minutes in the end. 

You can also practice this when you feel stressed or when things get to you. Just a few minutes can slow down your body and help you feel relaxed.

Lifestyle changes can be like changing your eating habits to a healthier diet, getting enough sleep, or even organizing your time more efficiently so you don’t feel as stressed. Also taking care of your body will help you deal with the stress you face during the day.

If you are exercising frequently and eating properly, but still not losing weight, especially around your waist, then you may be suffering from high cortisol levels caused by stress. Look into ways to resolve the issue and hopefully, you should see a difference in your weight and around your waist.

So, decide today that you are going to stop the constant battle and get the healthy life you deserve!

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